American Raptors Head To Uruguay For A 2-Week Tour

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American Raptors Head To Uruguay For A 2-Week Tour

The American Raptors are on the ground in Montevideo, Uruguay for a two-week tour that will consist of two matches and a scrimmage.

The tour – which officially begins on Monday, November 8 – will see the Raptors test their mettle against some of the top competition that Uruguay has to offer. It is the first time that the team composed of elite American crossover athletes will play internationally.

The Raptors will get their feet wet with a scrimmage against Los Cuervos at 4:30 PM MT on Tuesday, November 9. The tune-up will prepare the team for their first match against Uruguayan Academy on Sunday, November 14 at noon MT.

Following their first match, the Raptors will take a week to prepare for their next opponent. Arguably the biggest test of the tour will take place on Friday, November 19 at Estadio Charrúa against the Uruguayan Rugby Union Selects.

The Raptors will then pack up and head home on Monday, November 22.

The Team

  • Casey McDermott-Vai
  • Garrald McDowell
  • Tommy Madaras
  • Kaleb Geiger
  • Line Latu
  • Tani Tupou
  • Max Dacey
  • Nolan Saraceni
  • Ma’ake Muti
  • Zach Hall
  • Ricky Haley
  • Christian Alvarez
  • CC Mahoni
  • Tai Enosa
  • Daytwon Sheridan
  • David Still
  • Gelen Robinson
  • Seimou Smith
  • Brady Daniel
  • Mikey Grandy
  • Justin Barlow
  • Pono Davis
  • D’Cota Dixon
  • Dominic Akina
  • Campbell Johnstone
  • Mo Vainikolo
  • Chase Stehling
  • Tre Smalls
  • Otto Zaccardo

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