American Raptors Name Final Travel Roster for 2023 Super Rugby Americas Season

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American Raptors Name Final Travel Roster for 2023 Super Rugby Americas Season
Photo by Seth McConnell

The American Raptors departed for South America on Monday afternoon for the final two matches of their 2023 Super Rugby Americas season.

After a week off, the Raptors return to the pitch on Sunday, May 21 against Dogos XV in Córdoba, Argentina. Sunday will mark the second time this season that the Raptors and Dogos have met, with Dogos taking the first meeting 37-24 at Infinity Park on March 24.

Following their match in Córdoba, the Raptors will jump on a plane to São Paulo, Brazil to close out their 2023 season against Cobras Brasil XV on Saturday, May 27. The Raptors narrowly dropped their previous match against Cobras Brasil 43-40 in Glendale on April 2. Finishing the season with a pair of wins would do wonders for the Raptors as they set their sights on 2024.

The Team

  • Aki Pulu
  • Cassh Maluia
  • Diego Fortuny
  • Diego Magno
  • Ethan McVeigh
  • Isikeli Kava
  • Jack Manzo
  • Juan Echeverria
  • Line Latu
  • Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino
  • Ma’ake Muti
  • Martin Landajo
  • Max Dacey
  • Mikey Grandy
  • Patrick Madden
  • Payton Telea-Ilalio
  • Ramiro Moyano
  • Ronan Murphy
  • Ryan James
  • Sebastian Otero
  • Seimou Smith
  • Shawn Clark
  • Tavius Sykora-Matthess
  • Tommy Clark
  • Watson Filiktonga
  • Will Crawford

The Schedule

  • @ Dogos XV | 5/21 | 4 PM MT | Córdoba, Argentina
  • @ Cobras Brasil XV | Noon MT | São Paulo, Brazil

Fans in the United States can watch both matches live on ESPN+.

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