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Paul Emerick IV

Head Coach

Sarah Chobot

Assistant Head Coach

Mark Bullock

Director of Rugby

Peter Pasque

General Manager

Luke Gross

Forwards Assistant Coach

Mose Timoteo

Backs Assistant Coach

Jacob Nelson

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Travis Haugen

Performance Analyst

Scott Nies

Rugby Coordinator

Lee Ann Hewitt

Athletic Trainer

Do you have what it takes?

If you are an elite athlete and interested in trying out for the American Raptors program contact:

General Manager
Peter Pasque

We are sad to announce that this weekend's match against Life West has been canceled.
#RaptorsRugby | #Mission23
"This opportunity, I'm going to make the best of it. It's my only opportunity (right now). Like AIC was the only school that gave me a chance. I'm going to give rugby the same attention and the same 100 percent effort." - @imthatguy9_ 
Fabian Thames checked in with @patriotledger and @wbznewsradio in Massachusetts about his decision to join the American Raptors!
Hit the links in our bio to check out both stories!
📰: Links in bio!
#RaptorsRugby | #Mission23

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