Raptors Win Streak Ends With Round 7 Loss to Selknam

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American Raptors Rugby Player - Rugby players from opposing teams leap to catch the ball during a match.

Round 7 was tough sledding for the American Raptors. 

The Raptors (2-4) had trouble getting out of their own way in the 26-7 loss to Selknam (2-1-3) on Sunday afternoon. When the final whistle sounded through Infinity Park, the Raptors had received four cards – one red and three yellows – in addition to the loss that ended their winning streak at two matches. Combine the penalties with two tries that were held up, and one that was taken off the board for a knock-on, and the deficit was too much to overcome. 

It only took 10 minutes to see what kind of match would play out between two teams jockeying for points in the Super Rugby Americas playoff picture. Raptors’ lock Javon Camp-Villalovos laid a big, high hit that earned him a red card that resulted in a dustup between the two sides in the eighth minute of the match. 

Tensions ran high for the remainder of the match and the Raptors never recovered.

Selknam got on the board first with a try from wing Iñaki Delguy who took the ball down the south touchline. Nicolás Roger nailed the tough conversion to give the visitors a 7-0 lead in the 12th minute.

Despite playing a man down, the Raptors held their own in the scrums, but Selknam managed to crack the defense for their second try of the match towards the middle of the first half. Fly-half Nicolás Roger took the ball out of the back of a maul and stepped a few Raptors’ defenders on his way in for the try.

The Raptors found a way to move the ball towards the end of the first half, but that didn’t result in points. Fly-half Ignacio Mieres missed a drop goal in the 33rd minute. Still, the Raptors’ real scoring opportunity came in the 38th minute when it appeared that outside center Thomas Morani scooped up a Mieres kick and took it in for the Raptors’ first try of the match. It was ultimately taken off the board following a review as Jacob Hidalgo had knocked it on after trying to gather the ball.

Despite some signs of life, Selknam took a 14-0 lead into the half.

Things did not get better for the Raptors in the second half. 

Facundo Pomponio and Selknam’s Clemente Saavedra both were handed yellow cards on the heels of the second-half kickoff.

The Raptors, now playing with 13 men, conceded a try to Selknam hooker Diego Escobar in the 48th minute to take a 19-0 lead, and the match was all but out of reach from there. The visitors punched in their bonus point try on a rolling maul try in the 60th minute to take a 26-0 lead.

The Raptors played another man down for another 10 minutes when Devereaux Ferris was handed a yellow card for a high tackle in the 61st minute. They finally got on the board in the 70th minute with a Mikey Grandy try, but it was too little, too late. While the scoring was done, the yellow cards weren’t, and Daytwon Sheridan and Selknam wing José Ignacio Larenas were sent off for their roles in another dustup.

The bonus point victory saw Selknam jump the Raptors in the SRA table. The Raptors are now in sixth place with 10 points.

The Raptors will try to get back in the win column with a match against top-seeded Dogos XV on Sunday, April 14th at Infinity Park. Kickoff is set for 3 PM MT and tickets can be purchased here. The match will be broadcast on ESPN+.

American Raptors

Mikey Grandy

Francisco Quinn (1/1)

Penalty Goals

Drop Goals
Ignacio Mieres (0/2)

Cobras Brasil

Iñaki Delguy, Nicolás Roger, Diego Escobar, Nicolás Saab

Nicolás Roger (1/1), Rafael Iriarte (1/1), Marcelo Torrealba (1/2)

Penalty Goals

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