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Our American Raptors Are Now Part of Super Rugby Americas!

The American Raptors are excited to announce joining the revamped Super Rugby Americas7 Teams. 45 Matches. 1 Americas. 1 Champion.

In 2023, the American Raptors became an official affiliate of Super Rugby Americas (SRA) – a competition composed of 7 franchises from North and South America – formerly Superliga Americana de Rugby (SLAR).

The 7 participating franchises of Super Rugby Americas 2023:

  1. Pampas XC, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  2. Dogos XV, Ciudad de Cordoba (Argentina)
  3. Cobras Brasil xv, San Pablo (Brazil)
  4. Selknam, Santiago (Chile)
  5. Yakare XV, Asunción (Paraguay)
  6. American Raptors, Glendale, Colorado (United States)
  7. Peñarol Rugby, Montevideo (Uruguay)

**The three teams from South America (Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile) will be competing in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.**

Super Rugby Americas began on February 18, 2023, and will end with the final matches on  June 9, 2023 (location in South America TBD). Our American Raptors Are Now Part of Super Rugby AmericasThe competition will be made up of seven franchises focused on the development of players.

Colombian players will also participate in the continental tournament. Representing South America, for the first time ever, two franchises from Argentina, and one from Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay; in North America, the American Raptors, based in Glendale, Colorado, will represent the continent.

The competition format will be traditional, with teams playing home and away games. The  regular season will consist of 42 games, followed by the semifinals and the grand final on June  9, 2023. The time and location of the final will be announced at a later date. 


The entire tournament will be broadcasted live in South America on ESPN/Star+, the official  broadcaster of Super Rugby Americas. American Raptors home matches will be broadcast live on ESPN+ in North America. 

Tournament Info, Standings & More Visit:

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