Yacare XV Outlasts Raptors in Round 13

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Yacare XV Outlasts Raptors in Round 13

In a match that featured three lead changes and two ties, the American Raptors couldn’t hang on to beat Yacare XV in the 20-10 clash on Saturday afternoon.

The Raptors (3-8) defended Yacare (6-6) well for a majority of the Round 13 match. After jumping out to an early 7-0 lead on a Thomas Morani try and a Francisco Quinn conversion, the Raptors buckled down for long stretches of time deep in their own territory to keep Yacare off the scoreboard.

Quinn tried to add some insurance to the Raptors’ scoreline with a penalty goal in the 12th minute, but pushed his try wide. The scoring disappeared for nearly 20 minutes after the attempt until Yacare got on the board with an eight-man pick out of the back of a scrum that saw Nicolas Parada Heit rumble in for the try. Joaquin Lamas’ conversion tied the game at seven points apiece in the 34th minute, and the score stayed the same into the halftime break.

Yacare struck first in the second half with an early Lamas penalty goal that gave the home team their first lead of the match in the 42nd minute of the match. 

Cards have been an issue for the Raptors all season long, and they reared their ugly head once again in Round 13. Two second half yellow cards made it tough to put away a Yacare team that punched their ticket to the postseason with Saturday’s win. Both Javon Camp-Villalovos and Facundo Pomponio received yellows after the 51st minute, leaving the Raptors a man down for 20 of the final 29 minutes of play. 

Even with a man down, the Raptors evened things up with a Quinn penalty goal in the 61st minute, but Yacare snatched the lead right back with another penalty goal of their own in the 67th minute. Pomponio’s yellow card followed shortly after, and Yacare scored the try that broke the Raptors back in the 71st minute.

Tides can turn quickly in rugby, and that’s what happened to the Raptors on Saturday afternoon. Diego Magno was inches away from scoring a try that would’ve given the Raptors a 15-13 lead that could’ve been a 17-13 lead with the conversion heading into the final 10 minutes of the match, but the ball was jarred loose from his hands for a knock-on as he was attempting to ground it.

Yacare kicked to touch to make up some territory, and after some back-and-forth rugby, Francisco Quinn spotted some space and put a kick over the top of the defense down to the Yacare 22. Yacare then turned that into an 80-meter try that was finished off by scrum-half Juan Cruz Strada right between the posts to put the match on ice. Lamas conversion gave Yacare a 20-10 lead, and the home side hung onto the scoreline until the final whistle.

The win ensured Yacare a spot in the playoffs and all but locked them into third place heading into the postseason. The loss also locked the Raptors into sixth place in the SRA table for the 2024 season. Regardless of how the Raptors’ season final against Selknam – who was also eliminated from playoff contention in Round 13 – the Raptors will not be able to improve to fifth place or fall down to seventh place.

The Raptors will wrap up their 2024 Super Rugby Americas campaign against Selknam on Saturday, May 25 at 12 PM MT. The match will be broadcast on ESPN+.

The stage is set for a Pampas vs. Dogos final for the @superrugbyamericas crown 👑
English commentary will be provided for the match on Saturday, June 15th at 1:30 PM MT, and it will be broadcast on ESPN+!
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Best of luck to the four team's competing in tomorrow's @superrugbyamericas semifinals!
🏉: @pampas_uar vs. @cap__rugby at 4 PM MT
🏉: @dogosxv.cba vs. @yacarexv at 6:15 PM MT
English commentary will be available for both matches on ESPN+!
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